I was brought on to redesign the lighting for Eat Your Heart Out for a performance in Oxford following a run at the Edinburgh Fringe. The design was primarily based on time and place; since there was no major set aside from various stools and a plethora of smaller props, it was the job of the lighting to create a sense of location for each of the production's various scenes. These ranged from outdoor scenes lit by warm FOH profiles and blue LED washes over the stage, to public toilets lit by a cold, harsh top light with a little fill, to a scene inside a school bus, lit by a single profile bladed into a square, with a very soft yellow backlight to hint at the traditional yellow colour of American school buses. Perhaps the best part of the design came during a party scene - Bel, an eating disorder sufferer, is celebrating her birthday, and as the incessant voices of the guests overwhelm her, she collapses at the climax of the scene, and is taken to a hospital.  The scene begins with a small amount of fill for visibility, but dominated by four Robe 300 LED washes in an RGB effect and moving around the stage to give a sense of tacky disco lighting. But as the scene progresses and intensifies, the movement gets gradually faster and begins to strobe - the movement that initially reflected excitement and joy of the party quickly turns rapid and intimidating, and cuts to black at the moment Bel collapses. The lighting perfectly assisted the gradually escalating pace of the scene, at a moment that was crucial to the overall arc of the production.


Production by Tightrope Theatre


Director - Philippa Lawford


Photographs by Marlon Williams

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