Everything about this play was minimalist and realist. The show is one act, one scene, and one location. The concept behind the set design was to as simplistically as possible represent a hospital waiting room - three chairs and two signs was the eventual decision - and I had to take a similar approach to the lighting design. Were I to design this play again, I'd be more than tempted to simply leave the workers on; the concept running through the play is that the thrust audience are simply other members of the waiting room, and the fluorescent tube light of the workers could achieve this minimalist unity perfectly. As it was, though, I tried to replicate the light from fluorescent tube lighting on the actors only using regular stage lanterns. Two 1kw fresnels in LEE202 just behind the actors heads gave the impression of this strong flood  of cold light, whilst three or four 500w fresnels in the same colour provided some general coverage over the stage. The result was a simple, clinical coldness that fit the hospital atmosphere perfectly - and it stayed like that throughout the whole show. 


Production by Cosmic Arts


Writer - Katie Sayer

Director - Agnes Pethers

Designer - Will Hayman


Photographs crudely taken on my phone!

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